Floatation Tanks and Endermologie
Creating a New You in Body & Mind

About Float a New You

New You Floatation Therapy and Endermologie treatments are brought to you by people dedicated to providing the best wellness experience possible. We aim to give all our customers a unique, therapeutic experience for mind and body

We specialise in Organic Face and Body treatments to enhance your natural beauty.

Our highly skilled team have combined years of experience and more importantly, all the latest techniques and technology to meet your needs and to potentially surpass your expectations.

Our best in the industry Anti-Ageing treatments include relaxing noninvasive skin reconditioning, surgery free facelifts and body contouring - requiring no down time.

We go beyond just skin deep providing alternative modalities for Sports Recovery, general rehabilitation and increased range of motion.

Why Choose Float a New You?

Our inspiration came about from a combination of passion and personal experience.
After a series of personal injuries I happened upon Endermologie Treatments and realised the multidimensional effect of these therapies.

  • Rehabilitative results combined with noticeable changes and improvements in skin and muscle.
  • Floatation Therapy provides other worldly effects in pain management.
  • The Infrared Body Wraps help with pain management and weight loss.

From training in Sports Performance / Recovery Massage I quickly realised how these three therapies compliment each other and realised the need for a business providing these services in Hamilton.

We have the most up to date technology and have combined relaxation, anti-aging and wellness all in one space.

Our treatments provide the wow factor for the new you!

Claire Williams owner
Claire Williams

Claire Williams - Owner

Claire Williams Certificate

Walk in, Float out, a New You…

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